Initiated and launched by Visun Group in 2010, China Rendez-Vous is a premium lifestyle exhibition featuring global top brands, including luxury yachts, jets, cars, watches & jewelleries, fashion, home & design, up-scaled properties and fine arts.

Advanced Lifestyle Exhibition

After 8 years concrete development in China , China Rendez-Vous has definitely reached a milestone and is set to the leading show of its own in Asia in terms of the participating brands, quality of guests, on-site sales, partners’ feedback, show organisation, media attendance to daily activities. The event was also widely covered by both local and international media.

The best platform and communication link

The 4-days events include various events and activities, creating a fantastic communication platform for guests to enjoy. Various activities relating to the arts, yachting and golf will be hosted during the exhibition, expressing the diversity and richness of China Rendez-Vous. From the official gala dinner and after-party, to the The King’s Feast filled with art; and the wonderful Exhibitors’ Night, as well as the casual golf tournament, guests have experienced the relentless pursuit of the ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Attract the attention of hundreds of media

With an ambition of promoting the yacht lifestyle and yacht industry in Sanya, China Rendez-Vous has witnessed the development of yacht industry in Sanya and China, as well as contributed as the leading company. 8 years, China Rendez-Vous attracted lots of famous international and domestic brands to participate the show and start their business in China market. There used to be over 300 yachts at Visun Royal Yacht Club during China Rendez-Vous, which was 2/3 of the amount of the current yachts in Sanya. Nowadays, over 95% yacht brands in the world have set up branches in Sanya.